Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Farewell poem -“Each word bears its weight, so you have to read my poems quite slowly”. Anne Stevenson

My Dear Dear Friends!

Once in summer I wrote a plan
On how to teach and learn online
The good news then arrived so fast
And made me happy and relaxed.

They sent me on a long-long trip
I had to travel days and weeks
Without rest, and food and sleep
The answer's easy "Scholarship".

I really enjoyed the course
The tutor’s work and yours, of course
We read, and analyzed, and talked
Created, and discussed and lurked.

We had to give comments on blog
To mind deadlines and the clock
Once I forgot to make a post
As a result – one point lost

When we had our ‘profi’ guests
We worked twice hard to be the best
They made us search and learn ANVILL
And we were moving like windmill

The time to say Good bye has come
 It’s not so easy, we had much fun
We made new friends and learned new skills
Please do remember: the course still thrills.

My best wishes to our tutor Robert and all my classmates.
I will miss YOU ALL!



  1. Hi Elmira,

    Thanks for sharing this poem with us, it's a great poem indeed.

    I really feel sorry that time to say "Goodbye" has come. We had a lot of fun and and learned a lot of things in this course.

    I feel very privileged for having the chance to share my experience with you.

    Wish you all the best in the future!

    Warm regards from Kosovo,

  2. Hi Blerta,

    Thank you very much for reading the poem.
    Yesterday when I was writing a post for the blog, I realized that it was the last one. The inspiration 'visited' me and the words from the heart came out and.... straight on the paper.

    I have so much to say to all our classmates and You personally for being with me and supporting all the time.

    Thank you!
    Good luck to you in everything!
    Please keep in touch.


  3. Hi Elmira,

    What a wonderful song that express our feelings as well. Thank you very much.

    Indeed its sad to say 'Goodbye' to all our course mates whose encouraging comments and posts I always look for and it was a support in the completion of this course.

    Thanks Elmira for sharing your experience with us and being such a wonderful course mate. I hope although this course is over we will keep in touch.

    Warm regards from the sunny Maldives
    Roza Ibrahim

  4. It's an amazing poem! You have a talent!

    It was great to know and "see" you! Hope we'll meet in real one day!

    Best wishes,

  5. Dear Roza and Tatsiana,

    Thank you for your warm and kind words.
    I felt your support throughout the course.
    I am lucky that I got to know you.
    Hope our friendship will always continue.

    Best of luck,

  6. Hi!
    I see you are not only an English teacher but a poet! I highly appreciate your poem and completely agree with every word in it!
    Thanks a lot for so creative approach and in fact you really give us good mood and kind attitude.
    Best regards from Kazakhstan, Astana
    Roza Zhussupova

  7. Hi Roza,

    I decided to create the poem from my heart
    We say Good-bye, I hope we'll never part
    Please, let me express my gratitude
    To everybody for their kind attitude.

    It was pleasure to meet you here.
    Hope we'll keep in touch.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Elmira,

    Poem is really a medium to share something from heart to heart and your poem has touched my heart. Really, each word bears its weight. I am very glad to know your strong poetic expression which says everything from right beginning to the end.

    Yes, it pains to have to say goodbye but we're saying so only from the course we are doing but it's a matter of pride that we all had such a platform to share and care for each other.

    The time we spent together has really made us emotionally attached with each other. So, I think time can never separate one from other.

    Really, it was great studying together. Yes, it's true that we could be much closer if we got some much time to 'share and care'. I agree with you we've achieved a lot from this course.

    I also hope that we'll be together to share something more on our blogs for continuous improvement and support from time to time. Let's be in touch.

    Deep, Nepal

  9. Hi Deep,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    You can't imagine I still "feel" the course. Every day I open the page with the tasks and look through, just in case. What if there is something that we'll have to do for the nest week.
    I miss the course, the tasks, the posts in the discussion forums and all our great class and the tutor.

    Hope we'll not "disappear". What if we start our collaborative school projects? My students are open to all new ideas.

    Best wishes,

  10. Great poem Elmira - I simply don't know how you pack so many activities into one day. You must share some of your amazing energy with us!


  11. Congratulations Mom! :) You are wonderful person, friend and teacher. I am proud to be your daughter! You will always be my role model...